We Accelerate the Globalization of Innovative Brands

Delivering Local Marketing and Ecommerce

We are dedicated to helping innovative brands expand globally by embracing the Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) approach. By understanding local consumers and prioritizing user value, we provide end-to-end solutions for brand marketing, user operations, and global sales channels.

Simplified and Targeted Marketing

We leverage digital transformation to enable precise and context-based marketing. Through market insights and user psychology analysis, we empower brands to make informed decisions and optimize user experiences.

Building a Global Sales Network

We develop a comprehensive omni-channel sales network, focusing on key regions like Europe, Americas, Japan, and Korea. By partnering with Sales Agents, we ensure effective distribution and localized strategies.

Our Clients

Drawing on our extensive experience in overseas markets, we bring together Eastern and Western cultures to create the most successful paths for brands to go global. We serve all types of companies, from stealth startups to Fortune Global 500 enterprises.

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As a strong partner in our internationalization development, Fastlane has been solving digital transformation problems for us with professionalism, and we hope to witness the brilliance of each other.



As an official partner of Shopify Plus, Fastlane has taken the lead in mainland China, and we look forward to everyone moving forward to the world's leading position. Let's work together!


Senior Partner Manager|Shopify China

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