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Local Marketing and Ecommerce Operations

The essence of globalization is localization. Fastlane focuses first on identifying insights about local consumers needs and interests, to elaborate the strategy for your brand from marketing to e-commerce operations, and finally global sales channels..

Digital Transformation Empowers Precision Marketing

Market forecasts and the understanding of consumers provide key insights for decision-making. With the help of targeted marketing, tailored operations and technology, we are able to achieve precise and scenario-based marketing, and create an optimized user experience

Global Omni-Channel Sales Network Development

Development and Management of DTC Operation Channels. Development of omni-channel sales networks. Design of sales channel roadmap by country according to your business stage, and focus on cooperation with sales distributors in key regions such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea

Our Clients

Fastlane has accumulated a lot of overseas business experience with many top brands, and explored the most successful ways for brands to go global at all levels, based on the combination of both Eastern and Western cultures as well as the understanding of global consumers

Shopify Plus Partner

Digital Partner Ecosystem

Hear from our clients and partners

As a strong partner in our internationalization stage, Fastlane has been solving digital transformation problems for us with professionalism, and we hope to witness the brilliance of each other.



Thank you to our trusted Fastlane team for their professional, enthusiastic and responsible efforts to help ZTE's mobile phone brand become globalized!


Vice President | ZTE CONSUMER

As an official partner of Shopify Plus, Fastlane has taken the lead in mainland China, and we look forward to everyone moving forward to the world's leading position. Let's work together!


Senior Partner Manager|Shopify China

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