Our services

We Accelerate the Globalization of Innovative Brands

In the era of intelligent manufacturing going globally. Fastlane, with its ability to identify local consumers and build global sales channels, helps corporate customers enhance their international influence and achieve business growth through one-stop solutions.

Product Localization

Provide local user insights and assistance in the internationalization of your product

Marketing Services

Provide integrated marketing services for brands, combining quality and effectiveness <br/>Creative Content|Public Relations|Influencer Marketing|Community Marketing|Digital Campaigns|Offline Events|Social Media

Global Omnichannel Sales

Support brands in building a strong global omnichannel sales network

Global Infrastructure

Assist in building basic capabilities for brand planning

Overseas Entities |Trading |Taxation| Global Logistics


Digital Marketing Operations and User Management Membership App|Referral App|Flash Sale|Invite to Buy|Automated Marketing|Offline Store Map

Forward & Reverse Logistics

Collaborate with logistics service resources to provide global logistics services
14 local warehouses | 40+ local delivery channels

Web Development

Fastlane not only provides brand building, but also integrates traffic, payment, complete CRM system, and membership mechanism to help companies build brand highlights and sink private domain users