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36Kr | 品牌出海一站式服务平台「FASTLANE」完成近千万美元A轮融资
"Fastlane", a one-stop service platform for brands to go overseas, has recently received nearly 10 million US dollars in Series A financing led by Baidu Ventures and LB Investment. It is understood that this round of financing will be mainly used for product research and development, resource expansion and team building.
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Today, a topic is thrown, why is user insight so difficult? Let's talk about the fact that from the perspective of social psychology, false universal psychology is common, we always think that our thoughts, most of them think so. Our product is so good and the price is not expensive, I like it and so do customers. People like simple thinking, because A is so B, lack of systematic thinking. If you are fat, then eat less, but you can't lose weight by dieting.

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实操:独立站做 DTC 品牌的一些经验
The pattern of the overseas market has been further clarified, and the Matthew effect has intensified. As a service provider, Fastlane has observed many brand companies going overseas, as well as many excellent companies that have successfully gone overseas. Peer exchanges, frequently asked questions: as a start-up brand how to build from 0 to 1 overseas? Combining with some of the clients we have served, the first step is to establish your own brand official website, summarize some experiences that can be done based on the official website and share with you.
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